How It Works

You sign-up once.  Enjoy new coffees every month.

With our "Coffee of the Month" club, you will explore new flavors and roast profiles every month.  Once you select the type of coffee box and grind preference you want, we will start sending you shipments.  It's that easy.  Start now.

Why You Should Join:

1. You Like Coffee

A Coffee Lover's Dream

The "Coffee of the Month" subscription is what wine and beer lovers have been enjoying for years.  Now, it's your turn.  Explore the world of coffee with a different  selection from our roastmaster every month.  Though the coffees will change, they will all be freshly roasted, fair trade and organic.

2. You Like Adventure

New Coffees Every Month

The more you start to taste and learn about coffees, the more you realize that there is a world of exploration that awaits- whether it's in flavor profiles from different origins, stories about producer partners or ways to improve your brewing skills.  Coffee is an adventure.  We invite you to dive in.

3. You Like Convenience

Shipped Directly to your Home

Imagine a coffee surprise waiting on your doorstep.  You'll never need it on your grocery list again.  That's what a monthly coffee subscription will do for you- deliver freshly roasted coffee without you having to do anything.  Sign-up once, and put it on repeat.  Stop when you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Single Origin Coffee?

A single origin coffee is a coffee that is grown in one particular area within a specific country.  It is not blended with other coffee origins, so you will be able to get a sense for the flavor profiles and "terroir" associated with a given country or region.  Like with wines (or any agricultural product), coffee flavor is affected by its growing conditions and plant varietal.  Different plant varietals carry different flavors and growing conditions including soil, altitude, access to water and sunlight also affect coffee's flavor. 

What is a Blended Coffee?

Blending coffee is like following a food recipe.  If you have a certain food goal in mind,  you combine different ingredients to achieve a specific flavor, acidity and body.  So, too, in coffee.  Blended coffees combine different single origins roasted at different levels to help a achieve specific flavors and body.   We source coffee from all over the world and roast those coffee in a range from light-to-medium-to-dark, so you can imagine the flavor combinations we can come up with.  

How much coffee will I use in one month?

This, of course, varies from person-to-person.  How much coffee you use when you brew coffee will affect how quickly you go through a pound.  And how you define a cup (8,10 and 12 fluid ounces are typical "cup" sizes) affects how you measure your yield.  But, in general, we say you can get about 25 ten-fluid-ounce cups from 1 pound of coffee.  If you don't drink a cup every day, one pound of coffee might last one month.  We like to air on the side of caution, though... Two pounds per month is a safe bet for moderate coffee drinkers.    We recommend a ration of 1 gram of coffee for every 15-17 grams of water you use.

What grind-size should I select?

To get the freshest cup, we recommend you order whole bean and grind at home.  If you want a more precise grind-size, or you don't have a grinder, we are happy to grind for you.  Your grind choice should depend on your brew method and brew time.  In general, the longer water is in contact with coffee, the coarser the grind size you will want.  When you cold brew coffee, for example, coffee grinds sit with water for 12-24 hours.  You want our coarsest grind-size for cold brew.  Our grind selection page has recommendations with more detail.  

Can I subscribe to get my favorite coffee?

Not yet.  We are working toward this goal and hope to launch this service for our customers in 2018, but currently, our subscription service only offers our roaster's choice of single origin and blended coffees every month.

I've ordered coffee from your website before.  Why do I need a new login and password to order a "coffee of the month" subscription?

Our "Coffee of the Month" club uses a separate order-processing software from our normal website.  As a result, customers ordering from both our "Coffee of the Month" site and our traditional website will need to login to both locations separately.  From this site, you can log-in at any time to edit your  "Coffee of the Month" subscription.

I've been a part of Cafe Campesino's Coffee Club for many years-  prior to November 2017.  Is this the same thing?

No, but it's the same great coffee.  This "Coffee of the Month" club ships a new coffee every month to subscribers who choose to receive shipments in monthly or 3, 6 or 12-month intervals.  If you joined Cafe Campesino's coffee club prior to November 2017 and have questions about your orders, please contact us at 888-532-4728.