Let the Adventures Begin

Coffee delights and inspires us.  For nearly two decades, we have been enthralled with the flavors freshly-roasted coffee brings us and inspired by the people who grow it.  We are eager to share what we've learned.  Join us on an exploration of the world's coffeelands.  Select your coffee type, grind preference and shipping address.  We'll handle the rest.

Single Origin - 1 x 1 pound

With this Single Origin coffee club box, you will learn how coffee flavor profiles differ from country-to-country, noticing differences in body, acidities and aromas in each new coffee. You will get a different 16 oz. bag of single origin coffee every month.

Single Origin - 2 x 1 pound

One pound not enough? We understand. The best way to really dive-in and learn a coffee is to keep drinking it. Get two 16 oz. single-origin bags each month.

Single Origin - 3 x 1 pound

Drink coffee like the professionals. Get three 16 oz. bags of a new single origin each month. Our roastmaster will change the coffee selection each month, so if you have a little left over from your 3 pound box, you can compare and contrast with the next month’s coffee.

Blended Coffee - 1 x 1 pound

Our original roastmaster (who is a chef) said blending coffee is like cooking—you mix different ingredients together to create desired flavors. That’s what happens when we blend together our different single origins. We create unique flavor profiles and coffees take on a life of their own. Explore a new coffee blend each month when we send you one 16 oz. bag of blended coffee.

Blended Coffee - 2 x 1 pound

Coffee blends are like an around-the-world tasting adventure in your cup. Double your fun by getting two 16 oz. bags of blended coffee every month. Selections change from month-to-month, so take note of your favorite blend for when your club subscription ends. All coffees are certified organic and fair trade.

Blended Coffee - 3 x 1 pound

Get three 16 oz. bags of our featured blended coffee every month. If you brew according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s coffee-to-water ratio (which we know you do), this should make about 75 cups (10 fluid oz. each). That’s roughly 2.5 cups for every day of the month. All coffees are certified organic and fair trade.

Blend & Single Origin - 2 x 1 pound

Get the best of both worlds. Try one of each. Every month you will get a 16 oz. bag of a single origin coffee and one 16 oz. bag of a blended coffee. Compare and contrast and decide what you like better. All coffees are certified organic and fair trade.